Justin Castillo | April 5, 2019 | 0 | PVC

Tension membrane structures of the Cover series can be used to erect a wide range of modular canopies sized from 3 m up to 60 m width and a variable length build up by standard modules sized from 3.2 m to 5 m each. Cover tension membrane structures are characterized by vertical side walls that, by way of curved joint elements at the lower edges of the roof, then run to form the ridge angle : this rounded form gives to the Cover structures a very high resistance to snow/wind loading.

The peculiar cross section of this tent allows to shape the ‘(one piece) roof & side’ membranes in such a way that water or snow run off easily to the ground. Lightweight, transportable, easy to erect and dismantle, these modular structures are readily adaptable to any kind of terrain.

Cleverly designed equipment packages, assembly sets and installation manuals ensure that these structures can be erected without special foundation works or soil preparation, while guaranteeing suitable resistance to snow/wind loading.

Thanks to the modular design, the high specs of the aluminium alloys and the quality of all other materials used in their manufacture, the Cover structures offer:

  • notable savings on transport and logistics when compared to heavier steel frame structures.
  • maintenance-free structure and membranes
  • ease of assembly by utilising basic tools.

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